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  2. i suggest Taiwan becoming a U.S. state then you can get Corvettes and all the cool stuff with ease , hurry up for the 51st star before Puerto Rico gets it, lol

    greetings from germany to taiwan. 🙂

  3. this bitch is sexy as fuck…#officiallymarried…i wish chevy change the rag top to a hard top convertible like the lexus SC430. other then that, this is a must have.

  4. well I can’t reply for some reason but to 63corvettestingray did u look at 1:48 of this video and see the price tag saying 75,000+? lol

  5. drove around my uncle’s yellow 2012 grand sport, beaauuuuuutiful car, must drive with two hands when you floor it. picked it up to 135 mph on the highway. loved it.

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