BMW 330 CI Sport Convertible

Présentation de la BMW 330 CI Sport Convertible.


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  1. of course you can, they should last a while, its best to get one with low mileage, I’m getting a car in October so, I’m aiming for an 04+ with the updated look, pretty reliable after 03′ so. Here in the US, and UK they are pretty reliable, only problems are mostly electrical. Transmissions becareful though, when those break, its gonna cost a lot.

  2. hmmm sound a bit to much of a liability…think i should just get the 135i coupe..whats your opinion?

  3. now those are hot, plus you get the warranty for buying a new BMW, plus free maintenance for 4 years/50,000 miles. Those are pretty good cars, pretty nicely priced at 28k here in the US, more for the convertible one.

  4. Hi there. This one is a 2001 model. 2001 to 2003 is good. The motors are very strong on these cars provided you also look after them, don’t ignore any problems and regularly service them. I also give some special treatment with using higher octane fuel and synthetic engineoil. Where are you located? I am in the process of selling mine and would be sad to see it go.

  5. btw do you mind checking out my BMW montages? feedback and ratings would be appreciated, thanks!

  6. i have this car for sale, an 02 for only 12k anyone intersted? msg me its on ebay,, lots of bids

  7. you should get a bunch of e 46 angel lights of ebay, and guys i got a honda s2000, show car, instead of the z4 or 330ci

  8. 2006 but there harder to find becuase they are all fully loaded now in 2010 its hard to get one m3 is a higher version also its just the poiwer

  9. 2005 is the last face lift of this car … it’s also the best ! it also has the led taillights !!

  10. Yes i Just bought a 2005 330Ci Coupe with +72k miles and as soon as i get the chance, im going to ad a CIA, all the oils will be changed and some pulstar spark plugs will be added to the list. i love my car so much. Hey sorry to hear about you selling it, any recommendations?I know to use 91+

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