Nouvelle BMW M3 Convertible

Présentation de la BMW M3 Convertible : 309 kW 4.0-litre moteur.


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  1. Many BMWs come with no badges…you just get the model designation (aka badges) not incl for no extra cost.

  2. Mine is awaiting my picking it up at the dealer. If you go through military sales, you save close to $10K off MSRP.

  3. my sis had one and tried to sell it to me real cheap but i want a faster car so i got a C6 Vette instead

  4. That’s the car I’m getting when I’m older but when I have children I am getting an espace IV

  5. That’s the car I’m getting when I grow up but when I have children I’m getting the fastest minivan in the world- an espace IV

  6. When you have one for a few years the effect wears off. The only people drooling over this are the broke boys & girls who will likely never own one

  7. Aloha to you as well, would I be able to email you some info on how to get into a car like this paid for by the company I am with?? Just a brief presentation and you can do the research yourself to see if what I say is true?? Let me know. Thanks and have a great day.

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