Nouvelle Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Présentation de la nouvelle Chevrolet Camaro Convertible (2013).


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  1. at least they attempted to find better tail lights for the thing, the car is beautiful except for the rear

  2. i like the look of the Camaro but the interior is just so bland and cheap looking. Mustang interior looks way more rich to me.

  3. They so need to do an updated lighter slim line 2nd Gen Camaro. This Retro 1st Gen tank is just too bulky and has no cuts or definition.

  4. theres is a little bit of a camero in every chevy?no shit!! thats y chevy cars are all so damm ugly most of the new american plastic car generation ugly ugly ugly i think they should invite pinifarina over to get some nice designs to the boring american car scene!! no wonder that audi bmw mercedes porsche masseratti lambo jagaur alfa romeo have so many fans in the US because there own products are all look a like 🙁 miss the 70 ties muscle cars those were great american cars

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