Pub LEXUS LS 460

Pub LEXUS LS 460


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  1. Hi everybody. The music is played by the pianist Mark Joggerst. The song is composed by Mark Joggerst and Ralf Kemper. We already recorded a long version of the song which will be released on iTunes within the next two weeks. The title is: Lexus — The Pursuit of Perfection. If you want more information you can visit us on our homepages. You find us if you google Mark Joggerst. Thanks for your interest. All the best! Mark.

  2. ba da in pula mea…v-a zis joggerst qm ii zice la melodie…si k el o canta…ce nu intelegeti?

  3. Jak Ktoś JEst polakiem i wie jak sie nazywa wokalista Tewj piosenki niech pisze na Gyg 9699667

  4. Hi everybody!
    The music will be released on i-Tunes on May 15.
    Concerning the sheet music I´m still waiting for the response of the publisher. Please check my website from time to time. I will post it there.
    Thank you everybody for the great feedback to the music. If you like, check my new CD release « Silence ». It´s gonna be available in June.
    Mark Joggerst

  5. Yann Tiersen – comptine d’un je ne sais quoi – L’après midi is a great song, but it’s not the one in the commercial. anyway… Lexus has the best car commercials ever. like British Airways has the best airlines commercials.

  6. c’est possible que ce soit du yann tiersen mais ce n’est absolument pas comptine d’un autre été 😉

  7. voici le compositeur et le nom :

     »The Pursuit Of Perfection » composed by Mark Joggerst

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