Maserati GranTurismo MC

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  1. ok who the fuck cares which is faster maseratis fast maye faster and maybe not as fast idc you would buy this because of its looks and interior and that it is fast ( obiously other cars are faster but still) imagine how many girls youd get driving this…. 🙂

  2. Neither fornicators nor liars nor adulterers nor the abominable shall inherit the kingdom of God. Subscribe! 🙂

  3. Maserati is making a strong improvement in the quality of the interior and the Maserati Granturismo S has no way inferior to the interiors of the DB9, which sometimes show excessive derivation from Volvo-Ford.

  4. Kinda pathetic that you would think I lie about my friends wealth only thing in my comment that wasnt true was that she owns a lincoln aviator not a navigator

  5. The handling of this hight weight luxury car and the moderate torque ratio vs perfect hp balance will allow you to get on the wet with the foot down to the floor with minimal spining allowing a couple of seconds more before tcs kicks in as a Gran Tourer this is a priority.. and DB9 You just get it if its is for free but at 100k usd I would easily get a used Maserati could you get the aston??

  6. Maserati and Aston Martin are the most beautiful cars on the market. I’d just buy both 🙂 And for the Porsche, well…. I think for that price a Used Gallardo would be better… 😛

  7. 444hp… there are a lot more better cars for the money out there (GTR, 911 turbo).. but this is a good looking car.

  8. i will say only this and only once:Maserati was wining races when Enzo Ferrari was still a small children…all the engines of the Maserati are produced in Ferrari factory and the only difference is that Ferrari is the big sister so all the engines of Maserati are limited to a inferior power of a Ferrari,but believe me…4,7 L of Maserati can do better than 444hp only if Ferrari wouldn’t be the big sister!!!

  9. This Trident GT has something that is missing from every super and hyper cars…that V8 GROWL THAT SOUNDS LIKE IT CAME FROM THE PITS OF THE DEMON’S GATE! It has a ferrari engine but that V8 is just orgasmic!

  10. this car is worth all the money in my opinion. i live in the city so the performance will not really be THAT important.traffic n all dat.but it ll be nice if you are cruising on a highway.the police will be after me hahaha.i will buy this saving $ 5000 every month in 2012 so by the end of the year ill buy the 2013 model.

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