Pub Megane Renault Crash test

Belle pub pour la Renault Megane. Avec tous les crash possibles… Merci FL


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  1. Actually , even tought this megane is 5 years old, it still gets the same ratings and its just as safe. Im not gonna even mention the new Megane. Oh and…nice comparison…megane is a small hatchback, taurus is a large 4 door sedan. Compare taurus with new laguna, and you will see who’s better. Renaults build the safest cars, not Volvo’s anymore. I had a hard time accepting this , but theres too much facts that prove it. Renaults are safer than Volvos these days.

  2. no trust me search the taurus and it is slightly safer than any car ever even in a rear impact which renault is bad in… also i stll work for euro n cap!!! i am not a child… i remember you from the mondeo crash test.

  3. No you dont work euro ncap, you would atleast know that its spelled euro ncap, not euro n cap. Stop fooling yourself. You work at euroncap, and you’re a ford engineer. Right, if you’re some serious engineer you dont have time to sleep, and you say you work for euro ncap. That just bullshit, you can sell that crap to some 10 year olds, not to me.

  4. How dare you say that, you dont know anything about my personal life. I do nomatter if you say i dont i always will work for euro ncap. also it was just one tiny space in between the lettering of n and cap ts nothing majour, as i have found mistakes in your comments in the past. And i am a ford designer not a ford engineer. (p.s lots of people have multiple jobs… i am one of them) your just jelous that i have 2 good jobs and you dont. get a life.

  5. You can say whatever you want. But you are not an engineer, you’re a kid. A KID! People like engineers dont write like you, and dont spend time on youtube watching videos, because they have no time to do that. Oh and about « euro n cap »…thats not a mistake. Saying « i » instead of « I » is mistake, what you said is lack of knowledge. What would happen if i said « B-MW » for example.

  6. i have a renault megane sedan and i had a crash with an opel astra. I walked away with no injury. Rock solid car.

  7. It’s good if you had no injury but it’s bad if it’s rock solid car because can transfer the hitting force to you!

  8. i can see a lot of fireballs in the airbag which is not visible from other manufacturer’s airbags

  9. my sweat little car have 5 Stars in EuroN’cap crash test! i can crash in everything i want and don’t worry about me! love my 2004 Megane

  10. My cars:
    Y10, 1 year
    Golf3, 2 years
    Alfa 147, 1 year & half
    Corsa 2 years
    306 4 years
    MEGANE II 8 YEARS! My best car EVER! 200.000 km, 0 problems!
    Next? Renault ZOE.

  11. LOL some lunatic says that his e34 6 cylinder is better than my dads 1.4 Turbo renault 9 with 104 hp.The e34 is a rustbucket,does 25-30mpg mine does 35-45 and when the turbo cuts in whohohoooooooo about 8 seconds to sixty mph

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