Pub Volkswagen Golf Historique – Napoleon et Louis XIV

Pub Volkswagen Golf Historique – Napoleon et Louis XIV


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  1. J’aime la France, oui, mais – The NORMANS created the « modern England » after 1066, and they were Norwegian, NOT French, in fact they struck fear into the hearts of many Frenchmen, so do get your historical facts correct mon ami!

  2. 1a)
    OK let’s go ^^
    you are & you keep a pure roastbeef & roastbeef mind who learn & know only since his childhood the roastbeef propaganda
    WHEN you ‘ll understand & you ‘ll accept that the Normands in 1066 were French for more 3 centuries !!!
    Ah the roastbeefs & their old hatred vs their old French Masters LOL ^^

  3. 2a)
    & without to insist on the fact that the Army who invade England was in 3/4 made by French soldiers out of Normandy, it is well a French People & the French Way of Live & Language (NEVER FORGET since this time the moto of England in French & not in English or normand or Wiking LOL « DIEU ET MON DROIT » & the motto of the English royalty in Frenc also « Honni soit qui mal y pense ») who invaded England in 1066 & made of the new England after 1066 an old French Colony quite simply

  4. 3a)
    To resume :
    When begging the invasion of England the Normands were a part of the French peoples or if you want English ^^ a part of the peoples who lived in France even if Normandy was not returned again in this time as a part of the kingdom of France
    They were established in Normandy since more 300 years (!!) & of course the 1st true « vikings » dont existed since a longtime (several centuries), they were mixed with the other French peoples older than them in this part of France

  5. 4a)
    They dont live as « vikings » or dont spoke a « viking language » (sorry but LOL) BUT they lived as the others peoples of France & especially they SPOKE ONLY FRENCH
    For your informations the most part of the « Captains » & the Army of Guillaume le Conquérant (‘William the Conqueror’ for you) came out of Normandy from the others parts of France (3/4 soldiers)

  6. 5a)
    After the invasion it is not a viking language (LOL again sorry) but the French who was during 300 years (!!) the official language of England

    More things mark that now.

    The main things for examples the sentences of England & your Royal Family : « Dieu et mon Droit »


    « Honnie soit qui mal y pense »

    in FRENCH (not in English)

  7. 6a)
    For another marking example : « your » king « Richard Heart of Lion » that the old untrue English propaganda learn & show as a perfect English king was actually… French & much more French than English & he spoke ONLY FRENCH (yes sorry for your proud ^^)

    The famous French Stateman Georges Clemenceau (called « the Father Victory » because he was the 1st Minister of France during the WW1) resume perfectly all that when he said :

    « England is an old colony of France… who turn down » ^^

  8. 7a)
    To finish any quotes by famous anglo-saxons english speakers (& not French) characters about this time who accept the truth & forget the old strange hatred of English-roastbeef-minds vs their old French Masters :

    1- « The small groups of Vikings that settled there (in Normandy) adopted the language, religion & culture of the French majority

    After a generation or two, the Normans were indistinguishable from the French » (Encyclopaedia Britannica)

  9. 8a)
    2- « Why are French women so sexy? Ever since 1066, we’ve been enthralled by the innate superiority of the French female » (Helena Frith Powell)

    3- « During the 2 centuries & a half after the Conquest in 1066, there is no English history. The FRENCH Kings of England rose to an eminence which was the wonder of all nations » (Thomas Babington Macauley)

    4- « Everything that is courteous, honourable & elegant in the English culture comes from the French invasion (of 1066) » (Walter Scott)

  10. 9a-end)
    PS :
    And sorry but me, I dont like the non educated roastbeef-minds as you and the perfidious and liar England that you represente 🙂

  11. I am very well educated, actually, perhaps you should be better educated in your froggy mind yourself, as clearly, Britain ruled 25% of the world’s land and one-third of its populace, the French have been failures for centuries, never hoping to dominate as other countries have done so, Germany has made a mockery of you, and even when the Normans came, who were NOT French, so clearly you are uneducated as you do not know this simple fact, they had Saxons working for them, so learn your history!

  12. Sorry but you can to vomit all your old deceptive English propaganda vs the French, we are not in the 19th century now and nobody believe you (except of course the roastbeef-minds as you ^^)
    Thus of course you keep for us just an arrogant and liar non educated English-roastbeef-mind who vomit and repeat again and again his old deceptive propaganda on the History and vs the French especially ^^
    You are really just a little propagandist :-)-)
    And more you say more you are that ^^

  13. No, your ignorance is beyond belief, you have ignored my statement twice, you are a false, tiny little French propagandist – the Normans were NOT French, research it right now you fool, you have this kind of French little man complex whereby you have to lie to try and cover up for any kind of culture, the English could whip France in a war right now if we so wished, we also saved you twice in the past century, also, your childish nature reinforces that you are an idiot. Normans were not French!

  14. stop your blabla and old propaganda, you tired everybody here…
    You are well just an young retarded and non educated & arrogant english-roastbeef kid…
    The only historical truth is well that I said before and the whole world know that (except always the « roastbeef world » of course)
    Thus stop to want change the truth and come back in your bed kid
    Or change your FRENCH mottos in English ^^, the roastbeef-minds as you are not in one lie more ^^

  15. This is not ‘old propaganda’ you idiot, it is historical fact, the Normans were not French, they were from Norway, and everybody else on this video can see that you are an idiot as you are refuting the truth from someone who is very well-educated, unlike yourself, who cannot speak English or indeed French I’ll bet! Your stupid French propaganda has made you sour towards the country which has saved yours several times! You are an idiot, France belongs to English Kings! Stop crying little froggy!

  16. They were. As duke of Normandy, William was French King’s vassal and Normandy a part of the Kingdom of France.
    Watch on the encyclopedia Britannica a map of France in 987, and you’ll see it by yourself.

    Of course, viking people settled here, but at the time of William, they were already speaking a kind of French (langues d’oil) . And that’s why a lots of words, in particular in politic or in the army, look like in both actual languages.
    (Don’t tell me that « Dieu et mon droit » is in viking)

  17. Right, let’s sort this out. Firstly, NO, the Vikings were NOT descendants of the Franks, they were NOT French! Secondly, you might call them a ‘vassal’. but the truth is, the land was granted to them by the French to keep them at bay! Thirdly, the language has nothing to do with it, the Normans frequently embraced parts of the languages of the people they conquered, it helps with assimilation. And finally, ‘Dieu et mon droit’ was taken as the English kings had a claim to the throne of France!

  18. You talk about assimilation, but do you know what is it? You’re not even able to accept that after 150 years of living under the French rule, and speaking a kind of French, they were not vikings anymore.

    And the language has something to do with it, if they were still vikings, the language of English aristocracy during 3 centuries would have never been anglo-norman, which is a langue d’oil language.

  19. You simply do not realise that the two ‘countries’ – England and France, were very different in nature! In France, localised literature and independent languages were suppressed regularly, and many parts of France remained very nationalistic. In England, there was no such spread of one particular type of language until the English version of the Bible, as such, there were too many languages in England for one to be chosen! That is the reason why there are so many dialects in England today!

  20. And also, might I add, they were NOT living under French rule, they were more powerful than the French ‘crown’, and even if they were under French rule, this would not annihilate their culture identity, and you have made a massively foolish blunder in saying that ‘Anglo-Norman’ is a langue d’oïl language! It is nothing of the sort. Many roots come from Saxon, the previous languages of the localities, Latin, partially French, yes, but nothing that would make it a langue d’oïl, big mistake!

  21. You don’t want to believe me and don’t want to change your mind, i won’t continue, it would be useless.
    I’ll simply tell you to go to read the book written by John Haywood upon the vikings, he wrote that « Rollo’s vikings, allowed to settle in Normandy as a defence against other raiders, rapidly adopted a French, Christian identity ».

    But maybe this English historian is making French propaganda :p

  22. Well, clearly you have not grasped that France was not the nation it is now back then, and any grasping of ‘identity’ is not only highly unlikely but also extremely out of place. The Franks were the original ‘French’, and their descendants are the French, adopting a language does not mean adopting national identity, ethnic identity, or any similar identity for that matter. Christian faith was obviously accepted, but the power of the Normans was well-known, they had their own empire!

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